rise n shine sunshine

I felt creative in a lazy way, and the result is the two ‘poems’ below.

itbegins here

it continues here

(here’s the secret. I made up a playlist of a lot of my music. I randomly shuffled through and wrote done the first line of the song and skipped to a new one. I rearranged the results to get them.)


Socially speaking

So… being ‘social’ is the new trend. Social is now no longer an adjective, a descriptor of your ability to mingle with others of your species but a Thing. An ethereally electronic theory of realness. To be Social is to be connected, constantly. Are you social? are you hooked in? switched on? available at a moments notice? Do you join all these sites, post updates by the minute then complain you don’t have any time to yourself?

Facebook is in the news lately because they are dealing with privacy issues. People are up in arms that their data, personal info and the like is being shared without their permission. So… you want to be social but you don’t want people to know anything about you?
I can understand, I’m very cautious about my FB page and who I ‘add’, but isn’t that the point? to meet new people?

I can’t tell you if this is good or bad, but I can tell you that I find it’s just another ‘tool’ to pull you away from being really social so you can be online social. The balance is getting lost where it used to be something to update now it’s something to do, constantly. The same people that used to deride other people for spending their evenings chatting online with people in different states and countries are now facebooking with complete strangers around the world.

Are you ready to become Social.

Gubment Cheese!

It’s that time of year (mostly) all of us procrastinate in doing…Taxes. Yep. Even though I know I’m getting a refund I’ve put it off until now.

I’m crazy like that.

So the other day I was pondering covers. Musical covers that is where Someone takes an existing song and covers it in their own style.
For example take this

and this

I feel the key to a good cover is to totally change the style the original was done in. This business of dance artists taking a dance song and making…. a dance song. Isn’t exactly how you say… fun. To me that is.

What makes a cover song good to you? is it the total change in music style? the flair in voice, just a change in tempo?

Let me swiffer this for you.

No excuses, I just haven’t felt like posting. So in lieu of my absence here is a bunny with a panc….. nah not going to do that crap 🙂

Here’s tomorrow’s happy news… today!! A day early! (okay a few weeks late but a day early)

Alarm clocks of the futuurrrrrrrrrrrre

I like number 4.

“you can brave the day
and wear a naked face”
– Gob

yay for animals


“…was thekind of guy who’d eat his lunch alone
on the weekends he would always be at home
doing god knows what if god had only know
mail order and he ordered one to go…”
– Limp

Canada partied hard last night

Ho!y F#$&! Canada had a huge day at the Olympics yesterday. GO CANADA! Tied with USA for Total Gold medals.

Happy news update:
Have you ever been in the hospital and been subjected to One of these moments? Yeah, well those days may be over….
A new more dignified gown is getting a start in britain from a top designer. I may not know the designer but this is a long time coming and all I can say is HUZZAH.

“my life’s been spinning ’round my head
long distance
make up for me not being there and now I’m coming home…”
– New Found Glory

Oh Canada

Happy news for this week: Canada’s medal count!

2 Gold
3 Silver
1 Bronze

Go Canada go!

“Sometimes you get to close to see
a different side of what life could be”
– Strung Out