Monthly Archives: March 2011

News day

Well I thought I would start posting about things that I know about. Which isn’t much but ‘stick with what you know’ right?
So… local news:
-First building goes down in the start of the new Surrey city hall construction project. WOOT. It was a good feeling seeing this thing go, the area does need some fixing up, especially with all these fancy high rise condo buildings going up.

Canada News:
You know how hard it is to find a non-depressing headline on major news sites?? Harder than you think! so let’s throw it to Gaga to make a kids dream come true

World News:
Charlie Sheen. All quotes taken from an interview done with 20/20. *sigh* At least he’s winning.

Game news:
I’ve been playing inFamous and it is a GREAT game. Play somewhat of a superhero that go go down a good path or evil path based on choices you make. You have a whole city to venture around in with missions to complete. Plus you are like a living electric super hero.