Monthly Archives: April 2010

Gubment Cheese!

It’s that time of year (mostly) all of us procrastinate in doing…Taxes. Yep. Even though I know I’m getting a refund I’ve put it off until now.

I’m crazy like that.

So the other day I was pondering covers. Musical covers that is where Someone takes an existing song and covers it in their own style.
For example take this

and this

I feel the key to a good cover is to totally change the style the original was done in. This business of dance artists taking a dance song and making…. a dance song. Isn’t exactly how you say… fun. To me that is.

What makes a cover song good to you? is it the total change in music style? the flair in voice, just a change in tempo?


Let me swiffer this for you.

No excuses, I just haven’t felt like posting. So in lieu of my absence here is a bunny with a panc….. nah not going to do that crap 🙂

Here’s tomorrow’s happy news… today!! A day early! (okay a few weeks late but a day early)

Alarm clocks of the futuurrrrrrrrrrrre

I like number 4.

“you can brave the day
and wear a naked face”
– Gob