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Canada partied hard last night

Ho!y F#$&! Canada had a huge day at the Olympics yesterday. GO CANADA! Tied with USA for Total Gold medals.

Happy news update:
Have you ever been in the hospital and been subjected to One of these moments? Yeah, well those days may be over….
A new more dignified gown is getting a start in britain from a top designer. I may not know the designer but this is a long time coming and all I can say is HUZZAH.

“my life’s been spinning ’round my head
long distance
make up for me not being there and now I’m coming home…”
– New Found Glory


Oh Canada

Happy news for this week: Canada’s medal count!

2 Gold
3 Silver
1 Bronze

Go Canada go!

“Sometimes you get to close to see
a different side of what life could be”
– Strung Out

Hugs for everyone!

Hello hello my peeps. Props, fist bumps and salutations.

The sun is beaming here on our Olympic city. I’m folding origami for no reason.

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Oh and give a hug, pass it on.

“When I woke and you were gone
I know that you had stole from me
the one last thing
The thing I wanted most of all
You took away from me.”

No happy news post this week because the world let me down. I must mourn for a week and return with sunshie and roses next week! stay tuned!

Happy times are here again……

I’ve missed 2, yep 2, happy news posts so first I will distract you with a musical number

And for my next trick, 2 happy stories!

Remember to stop for school busses!

Right place right time.

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