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And the day’s happy news is…..


Yep that’s right. 97,000 DOLLARS! in a restroom! honestly if I found that today I don’t know what I would do, but I’m leaning on the keep it for myself. But I know I’m really good at piling on the guilt so I’d probably become a sourpuss for years after.

Thanks to the magic of the internet I’m writing this at 9am on the 22nd but abracadabra it appears like I wrote it on the 21st! I’m from the future, behold!

“If I had a million dollars,
I’d buy you a fur coat
but not a real fur coat, that’s cruel”
-Barenaked ladies


fire & ice

Check this out!

“everytime we touch
I feel the static
Everytime we kiss
I reach for the sky”
– Cascada

Happy News Premiere post

What better way to start off the happy news posts with an introduction to who woulda thought it would be the first result from a google search.

I pulled this headline Swim-Proof Hearing Aids to be Put to the Test (it’s a short blurb, won’t take long to read trust me) and a great advancement in the world of hearing aids… also known as sound processors.

have a happy night!

“I can’t help but smile
when I’m on happy street
big rows of houses and concrete”
-Diesel Boy

News Flash

“In a race to be the first headline, there is a great lack of deails and the people suffer”
– me (rob nickerson)

We live in an information age, an age of immediacy and want of details, and with the news media sensing our bloodlust for voyeurism, it spews out ‘facts’ as quick as it can to be the FIRST. Because as we all know being first is being the BEST. RAH RAH RAH sis boom BAH.

Be very careful when reading the news. They use deceptive wording to appear to have actual facts when they don’t. I’m also only going to find happy news stories, and I don’t mean happy like… laughing at someone elses misfortune…. I mean real happy news. And when I do so I will try and do mid week posts about em. So that means a new post every wednesday at least.

I did pretty good with my ‘poem a day’ on site there. (go take a quick look 😉 I got a little side tracked in the second week as christmas came and all, then new years came. The haiku is pretty easy, not that I am some sort of master at it, but the 5-7-5 structure makes working it out finite and while it may feel confining it feels good to just end it so short. Speaking of I gotta head over there now and do one.

“time to burn it all away
trying to think of what to say
tryin to go right back to yesterday”
– the ataris