Monthly Archives: December 2009

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

“If I am alone I am bound to be unhappy and unfulfilled.”

There it is. I’m sure we’ve all thought it, we still think it don’t we? It’s something pounded into our brains since birth really if you think about it.
So how do we countermand it? what can we do to stay happy? well we are all individuals and we all have to find out for ourselves, but we can still help each other 🙂

If you say to yourself, or we are surrounded by images and messages of happy loving couples we begin to subconsioucly deman ourselves. We say that equals happiness and when we don’t have it we pile on the depression and unhappiness.
While being loved does bring us happiness, we can love ourselves, we can bring ourselves happiness, we can tell ourselves what makes us happy.
Yeah I know it all sounds a bit ‘new-agey’ or whatever you want to call it but I believe it is possible. That is self esteem and it takes a lot of work for some of us but family, friends and your own piece of mind can turn those feelings around too. I suppose this is in a way a new years resolution for me… and it is sure to be tested.

“how could i be so naive
to think that confidence
could turn this pain into another drink”


less than a week left

I did a poem a day for the whole week last week, mostly haiku style. I’m gonna go for another week of poems or songs starting today so go on over to and check em out.

Another christmas has passed by and the world keeps on turning. Recieved news one of my uncles passed away on the 26th. Served his country well, a wonderful father and he will be missed 😦

“on sleepless roads
the sleepless go
may angels lead you in”
– Jimmy eat world


Work has finally let me have a life. Not that I couldn’t have just not worked overtime but like so many people I did it for the monies and the lulz…. yeah. lulz!

Anyhoo I spent the weekend as lazy as I could be and enjoyed every minute. Now to enjoy the holiday season while all the crazies pine over the garbage to prove their love 😀 Just take an interest in your loved ones lives, call them, meet them. More than a twitter update I would say.

Oh and somewhere on wordpress there is some ‘haiku a day’ page that is just that. A haiku a day. So I’m gonna gratuitously (sp?) link my writing/poetry/song wordpress page, but i won’t torture you with a haiku a day, just every other day. I may switch it up and do a double haiku… oooo ya bet you haven’t seen that have ya.

“Why does hello feel like goodbye?
These memories can’t replace,
These wishes I wished and dreams I chased
Take this broken heart and make it right”
-matchbook romance