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Tight fit

First off
Show on thursday was great. Nice little venue and great sound. Although Attention Biltmore GET SOME DIRECTIONS TO THE ACTUAL DOOR OF YOUR ESTABLISHMENT. *cough*. We arrived at the place and from across the street I see this faded old awning with BILTMORE right on it and a door under it. Is that the door to the biltmore? NOPE, the BILTMORE is actually in the back. Pondering this now, I guess a back door entry was appropriate for the show…

In other news! I don’t have swine flu! YAY. I’m not even sick! DOUBLE YAY! (I did have a cold about a month ago though, ugh.)

Unrelated topic! Why does no one make clothes that actually look good for big people? You can’t design clothes on a ‘standard model’ and expand it to 4xl and expect it will still look good. People have different shapes and sizes and when you go from generic small to generic large there is a common body shape going on there, but once you get into 2xl that belly area grows more than the chest area.
So say you buy a shirt that fits fine up top… it’s gonna be a tight squeeze by the time you get down to that belly button. Now if you buy an even larger size to fit around the belly then your top looks all empty or ruffled up.
Now black may be slimming but it only takes off 5 pounds. When some one is huge black isn’t going to save them and it’s time to rise up and accept our bretheren into the fold of good outfits. Time to get some non generic mannequins, take some new measurements into the world and make something fitting, unawkward and not a freakin mumu.

“We can hide out under there.
I jsut made you say underwhere.”
-Barenaked Ladies


hold hands

So I’m goin to see this guy perform:

Then maybe to this scary blackout thingy A large room of a bar with the lights out filled with large men hoping to have a good time. Hmm, should I bring a book? 🙂

“So believe me when I say i’m sincere
my dreams will take me where I wanna go from here”
– Pulley

Tipsy McStagger

I missed last friday’s post, sorry everyone. I guess I was so excited it was friday I got all self absorbed and it was all about me all night long. ME Me Me Me MEEEEEEEEEE. No one reads this any way so….
So my work schedule is changin a bit but not in a bad way, it will be interesting. I have today off to make this post. YaY.
Fall is here and leaves have changed and the rain is falling. Time to curl up by the fireplace with hot chocolate, blankie and someone special. As you may have noticed I don’t have a solid topic for today. No messed up people on the skytrain this weekend I guess.
Although…. what is it about alcohol that lets us become driveling idiots and for the most part get away with it. Why do we need this substance to ‘loosen up’? Why can we not get up on a table and dance because we feel like it? Or if we do, we have to blame it on the alcohol?
I mean we’ve all read a news story at one point in our lives with someone trying to use alcohol as the excuse for commiting said crime. Do we need warnings on booze now?

CAUTION you me become a DUMBASS after consumption.

Actually… I kinda like that.
So if you get drunk and grope someone, don’t cop out. Suck it up and own up to what you did. No one wants to hear how drunk you got so you can excuse your actions because you were just sooooooo drunk.

“It’s hard to barrgle nawdle zous
with all these marbles in my mouth”
-Weird Al Yankovic.

Acoustic. Rock.

So take a look at these originals then ‘acoustic’ covers. I find my self liking acoustic versions of rock songs and rock versions of acoustic songs…
Check these out and go search up some of your favourite rock as coustic… you might like what you find.



Hey Ya! This song is fun!

Click here to see a grainy video but a kick ass song.

“I was hopin for a chain reaction
I was waiting for the satisfaction
You were nothing but a brief distraction
I can’t change the world in front of you.”
-Face to Face


Busy with work and I missed a post of friday didn’t I?
I worked saturday and sunday too… that a good excuse? No? dang it. This blogging thing is hard!

Anyways 20 second blog post today:
1. People can be so rude
2. Family Guy… funny or not? discuss!
3. Good things come in 3’s. really?

“I’m a stranger, someone left me for dead and I need to decide what to do next.”
– New Found Glory

$h!t rolls downhill…..

Hello again little ones,
you may notice there was no post Monday. This is because it was a holiday and I gave myself a day off 🙂 deal! So on with the post we go…

So… faith in humanity? pretty low today. On my way home today some guy just drops trou and defecates right in the train car.
Dude wasn’t even high, and he knew he was doing something wrong ’cause he bolted at the next station. The guy wasn’t even laughing like he was pulling a prank, just calm as can be. Are we so far advanced that when someone is mentally… ‘off’ we just send them back into the world unattended? What can we do really though.
Shoot ’em? Sometimes I wonder…
No.. that would be wrong we can’t do that. We have to rehabilitate.
Okay so I’m not really going anywhere with this, I’m just to perturbed by what happened to really care about much tonight.

“I remeber shots without chaser,
afterminded thoughts now you’re a stranger
Cover up the scars, put on your game face
Left you in a bar to try and save face”
– Blink-182

Take your vitamins kids

I woke up Thursday feeling horrible, my throat scratchy, head aching, but I popped some good ol’ cold n sinus pills and trudged to work. I actually felt okay… but I wasn’t. My brain started hurting and I was getting frustrated at work by lunchtime. I took some deep breaths, slowed down and focused. Got through my day and come home and slept.
this morning I called in sick. I hate calling in sick, and I used to get mad when I was sick but now I just accept it, but I still don’t like not working. I really like my job and feeling productive at it.

So with my brain on cold medication I couldn’t really think clearly but I came up with about a half dzen character/story ideas and thankfully got them down on paper.

“I’d like to say, that you’re my only fear.
and that when I dream,
it slowly disappears and when I wake
I’m right here by your side, to feel your heart.”
-Angels and Airwaves