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This is not nine inch nails

This post is to test my ability to paste a youtube embedded video. Also… this song is one of the few that makes me want to get up and dance. Yes. Dance. And let it be known that I do not dance (often).
There’s no video it’s just a song so don’t stare at the screen waiting for something new to happen.

…. and it didn’t work. DAMMIT. Here’s the URL though please click and enjoy.


The new Drag

And lo! The sequins did fall and the men adorned the clothing of that which they wished to be and they realized they couldn’t sing!

Okay so that’s not how drag started but it could have been. I enjoy a good drag show and damn if I don’t learn a new swear and/or insult at a show but… what about those “butch” types that don’t want to watch a slim man show off his legs and lip synch to a decades old hit of an aging songstress?

I propose a new branch of entertainment. Hell us gays are supposed to be all talent and creativity right? so why stagnate with out of date anthems? Before I go any further let me clarify our anthems must never die. I feel we need them to tie our past struggles to today’s progress but change is an important part of progress.

So what is this new branch of entertainment you ask? well (and if it’s out there let me know) I say… Butch Drag. Okay I think the term has been used before so let me explain, I’m thinking something less sequin more furry. Let’s learn to play some instruments, let’s cover those classics with today’s edge and scream out our new age, our new voice, our new drag.