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good morning y’all.
Another cloudy morning here in vancouverville, but promise of sunshine through the weekend. Yay. Another morning with no calls or email replies from my job applications :/ I guess I’m not good at begging.

Just thought I’d recommend this book by Rob Grant out of the blue. I picked it up for the second time a bit ago and enjoyed it again. It’s a little comedy, a little sci-fi, and a little detective novel. Plenty of dry/sarcastic british humour.

And if you want a strange ‘metaphysical’, yet understandable movie rent The Nines. It’s like david lynch but you will understand it.


shortest of short stories

i can’t do the 6 word stories… it’s just.. to short. it comes across like a movie review quote you see on posters for blockbusters.
like say… ‘married to her, thinking of him’… next time on Sally!
or… ‘With silence everywhere i turned away.’ hmm actually I kinda like that one, I’ll keep that one.

my six

curious wonderment inside beguiling frustration

 i don’t even know what that means… whoa that’s 6 words too. The 6 words could easily change every day if it is a story of your life since we all go through changes so much. i propose doing my own tactic rather than the one the article I posted about says to do.

I’m gonna try out the original take on it and that is a story in 6 words… give me some time to mull it over.

this song’s just six words long

Came across this

interesting to me. The gist of it is  —In the 1920s, Ernest Hemingway bet ten dollars that he could write a complete story in just six words. He wrote: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”  He won the bet. — so I’m gonna give it a try but not gonna whip one out now I will think on it a bit. I came across a fav in the list though…

Wrong era ,Wrong Class, Wrong Gender.
Patsy Wheatcroft

Well said Patsy.


My storytime site just got a huge update with some old writings I dug up and re-read and edited some. check out the storytime site (I just linked it there or look to the list on the right and click on itbegins and comment please!


Okay the ‘page’ tabs on this blogsite are gonna have links ‘n such on them to lead you to the other ideas I have. I think I’ll keep this blog as more of a home base kinda thing and you will find links to my ponderings and to something I like to call storytime. Just check that list to the right there… yep iusedtothink and itbegins respectively.

So check back for updates, better yet add it to your favourites list now! *wink wink nudge nudge* and let me know what you think.

Decisions, decisions

*edit* yep pages are a one shot thing, can’t add to them… so this changes things up a bit. 

I was liking the pages thing but now I’m trying to figure out how to ad posts to them, seems like I can only have one post on each page… if so I’m gonna have to have a blog for every page I made or incorporate them into my regular posts here.